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The Leicester City Drinking Game

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Commentator suggests Kasper is "known for his distribution", just before he kicks it out on the full - finish your drink


Maddison squeals, rolls around clutching his leg, and the slo mo shows no contact.  Drink two fingers.


Commentator mentions Kasper's Dad. Drink.


Or Harvey's Dad. Drink.


Or confirms that Luke Thomas comes from "Syston in the Charnwood District of Leicestershire". Fetch the whisky and drink.



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11 minutes ago, Collymore said:

I thought it would be fun to create a drinking game that we could play when watching Leicester play starting this afternoon against Newcastle. Please add yours to the list.


- Sip everytime you hear Kasper say "Head Away"


- Half a can if you hear Kasper swear


- 4 cans if we score from a corner


- Half a can for every corner that fails to beat the first man


- A sip for every second between us getting a corner and Madders taking it


- Half a can if you hear Brendan say the word "tight" 




You’re talking a lot of beer here!

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Shot every time...


Madders bails a 50/50


Vardy punches himself


Evans and Forfana appeal for offside despite one being 8 yards behind the other


Wilf slices a ball at least 20 yards off target



Down all drinks when we go in at half time at 0-0 against a side totally devoid of any belief, form or ability. It'll make the following 45 more enjoyable! 


..I'm not always this pessimistic fyi!

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Drink every time Barnes' first touch loses possession. 


Drink every time the commentator mentions Fofanas age. 


Drink for every 'professional foul' given against us. 


Shot for every decision over turned by VAR. 


Shot for every penalty. 

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