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Newcastle (a) - Match Thread - 03/01/2021

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1 minute ago, Sly said:

For whatever reason @Muzzy_Larsson, he doesn’t seem to fancy him. Like you though, I think this game suits Under. 

Albrighton hasn’t beaten his man a single time in this half, he’s no good against 5 at the back. Under would be far more effective 

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Just now, moore_94 said:

I actually think Madders corners have been good this game

Took him two years but he got there in the end :thumbup:

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2 minutes ago, Staff said:

He doesn't need to play it deep, into the 6 yard box, into vardys run. It's quite simple, vardy has made that run over and over again yet Kevin waits to get closed down 

I meant when he is deep. Vardy makes the run but if Albrighton crosses early Vardy is too far from where the cross ends up. 


Mountains and molehills comes to mind anyway. 

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