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Steve Earle

Stoke (a) pre-match thread

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22 minutes ago, theadmans said:


Ah but you haven't  heard my TV setup...


The Panasonic TV speakers are good enough for speech but when it comes to the Proms on BBC4...


I run an Optical lead from my Virgin Box to a Creek 50CD DAC (using twin Wolfson 8742 DACs in dual differential mode)...


...the converted analogue single then passes through a highly modified Musical Fidelity valve stage using valves from Russian Mig fighter planes.


Then the signal is amplified by my Creek 50A Integrated amp and finally reaches my studio grade monitor speakers (used in nearfield mode). 


BTW I am typing this on a 10 year HP Desktop PC running Windows 7 (was there anything wrong with XP?)


...I still make a living from MS-Dos computer software ( that I wrote in the 80s).


Tell me more!


What about your music set up?  Please don't spare the details.




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14 hours ago, Arriba Los Zorros said:

Holy **** that's a defensive side though. 5 defenders and a holding midfielder away at Stoke?

Will you be so surprised at 2pm? 

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Justin      Fofana        Evan's     Castagne


                 Tielemans      Praet

Albrighton                                     Barnes



According to SFE

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1 minute ago, HighPeakFox said:

If that's the team, I'm slightly surprised


I thought we had a game on Wednesday. Seeing as we have a week off I’m not surprised to see a strong line up 


is it my imagination or did Perez perform pretty poorly up top at Luton last seasoning the league cup  ? 

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2 hours ago, theadmans said:

How does this BBC Red Button malarkey work?


I have Virgin TV and if I view BBC One and press the red button I get a menu with choices like iPlayer, Sport etc...


...but I can't see any reference to our game?


Will it only appear shortly before 3pm?


If I search the iPlayer for our game I only get an edition of Countryfile about Stoke-on-Trent!



Haha exactly the same I found !

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Wow that's a strong team if true. It's been 6 days since our last game and our next one is in a week's time so it keeps everyone fresh and match fit.


It also shows we're taking the competition seriously. Any major injuries would be really unfortunate but I like the intent and hope that Under is fit enough to come off the bench and that Soyuncu gets more minutes too. It's another chance for Perez to prove his worth through the middle as well, I'm hoping he bosses it.

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Not surprised nacho isn't starting as I think he'll be sold this window or next which leaves vards only and if he gets injured how our team adapts and how can our team can mitigate scoring goals throughout the team still. 

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