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Stoke 0-4 LCFC - Post-Match Thread

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Justin, Albrighton, Perez and Barnes with the goals :D


Easy win. Quality showed on the day and we had total control from start to finish. 


Youri showed his class, my man of the match :appl:


Justin's goal :wub:. Superb hit and set us on our way. Albrighton showed his reliability once again and took his goal well. Quick thinking for Perez' goal from Castagne and Praet. 


Enjoyed the management of the game and scored at important times. Full backs in general were quality - great to see them up and down the flanks dominating there. 


Only negative was Praet going off injured with a hamstring injury. 


Road to Wembley starts without a bump! Onwards we go :D



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Superb, professional performance and some great goals.


Tricky tie, make no mistake but we took them to the cleaners and played some beautiful football.


Shame that Praet got injured though hoping it's not too serious.

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I don't think we ever got out of second gear either. I think if vardy had been playing it could have been 7 or 8, tbf it wasn't Stoke's strongest line up either.

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Fantastic goal in a tight fist half, excellent goals in a much more dominant display in the second. Can't argue with the line-up and the result with some superb goals.


Shame about Praet's injury which I hope isn't too serious but job done very nicely.

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