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Just now, Ric Flair said:

I would say he's more of a Praet type player. He's not as defensive as Mendy or Ndidi and Hamza evidently hasn't impressed Rodgers in either a DCM role or as a more advanced type midfielder. We definitely need one more central midfielder is Hamza goes, was hoping KDH would step up but maybe we still want one more given the amount of games we aim to compete in and always playing 3 CM's.

Hamza hasn't been needed this season. We don't need to replace him if we were to sell him in January.


Wait until the summer and see if KDH can step up. In the mean time try and see if we can get a right winger and a back up striker.

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We do need some violence in the squad. Sick of the modern footballer (Maddison in mind) who need their arse wiping if someone from the opposition taps them. Probably need a physical striker more than anything in Jan though in my opinion. 

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Can't say I know anything about him other than a couple of YT vids I've JUST watched but those are enough to come to the conclusion he is nothing like Tielemans, Mendy, Ndidi, Praet or Maddison. The comparisons are odd. 


I DO see a similarity with Hamza only on a dark higher level. 


Although I do think he looks tailor made for the PL I would be fairly disappointed if we signed this guy and ignored the need for a striker. 

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18 minutes ago, StriderHiryu said:



Look at the clips:

- Ability to play his way out of trouble when receiving the ball under pressure.

- Physical presence who can tackle and withstand robust challenges.

- Plays the ball forwards quickly.

- Plays lots of through balls between the lines.

- Howitzer of a shot.

- Plays in a deep lying midfield position but gets forwards.

- Great stamina for a pressing game.


The player in our squad with that sort of skillset is Youri Tielemans.


I can't really say if this player is any good or would do well in the Premier League because it's very hard to judge the Turkish league with ours. But it is possible to adapt quickly, look at Soucek for West Ham who came from the Czech league and is one of their best players.


Totally agree about the prioritization of signing a striker, but if there's one thing we've done brilliantly at this season, it's improving our squad. Yesterday we were without Soyuncu, Ricardo, Maddison and Vardy yet scored 4 goals and looked great. Sure it was against Championship opposition, but we played great. Tielemans and Vardy are probably the two players we don't have good cover for. Mendy was impressive earlier in the season, but he's not a player that makes progressive passes. Praet has been tried in that position but has shown he's better further up the pitch.


So in summary I could see why a player with this profile is of interest to us. But realistically I don't see us signing anyone till the summer.

Like I said, I don't know much about him but he looks far more physical than Youri. 

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Guest Hansifüx

It seems the price tag is 15m for ozan tufan. good physical box to box midfielder ...  maybe an option if BR wants to rotate Tielemans/N Didi more often ... he is a different type of a player he is mobile with a drive to carry the ball forward (not necessarily distribute with long/deep passesI. I think Maddison would benefit from him. Can do the dirty work but also has a great touch and  I am often surprised by his pace, but not sure how he would look in  PL though,  where pace is a must have. 

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According to the news of TGRT News Sports Presenter Hakan Dede, Leicester City had been following the star football player both in Fenerbahçe and in the National Team for a long time. He said that Leicester City took the first official step for the transfer the day before. It was learned that Leicester City, which has Turkish stars such as Çağlar Söyüncü and Cengiz Ünder, wanted to increase the number of Turks in the team to 3 by taking Ozan Tufan. It is among the information that the first target of our national football player Ozan is Leicester City, one of the Premier League teams.




More heavily linked with Crystal Palace in Turkish media, this transfer will fund the Ozil deal from Arsenal.

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1 hour ago, Fightforever said:

A bastard in midfield we have needed that in some games. Get him in.

Agree with that, if he is as hard a player as people on here think.   Someone with that profile may have been just what we needed to stiffen our resolve in the second half of last season.

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5 hours ago, AKCJ said:

Mendy, Tielemans, Praet and Hamza all play the midfield positions Tufan plays.


Just do not see the point in going for him when we literally only own one right winger and one striker worth playing. Just seems like we're trying to put out a fire that hasn't started.

Eh? That's 4 different players who all play a different role in the middle :ph34r:

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