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Players you forgot played for us

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4 hours ago, LanguedocFox said:

Rab C Douglas, arguably the worst goalkeeper ever to play for us, despite playing for Scotland 19 times (though that says nowt). Looked him up in Wikipedia and apparently he got to the 2003 UEFA Cup Final with Celtic, under Martin O'Neill.

I have certainly not forgotten Rab played for us... of all the great goalkeepers we have had down the years, it is Rab who is immortalised in my Subbuteo team!



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On 28/03/2021 at 08:58, Stuntman_Mike said:

He was very hit and miss from what I remember. 

He seemed to be unplayable one moment and a complete donkey the next.

He was doing ok, but got a bad knee injury I think.

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On 29/03/2021 at 13:37, LanguedocFox said:

I'm on a roll here :)


Kevin Pressman, who rivalled Douglas as a disastrous keeper. He also ruined my first night living in France.


We moved on 2 October 2004, and we stayed our first night with some English friends who had been living in the Languedoc for about ten years. We were having a late meal with them, with the telly on in the background (no sound, just pictures). I'm not sure why, because we were in the Second Division at the time, City v Preston was on Match of the Day.


I didn't know the score, so when Trevor Benjamin scored (seriously) after four minutes, I thought we were heading for a big victory (I know, I know). Then, on 39 minutes, the PNE keeper Andy Lonergan hoofed a long ball up field and it bounced once, about 30 yards out and went over the head of Pressman, who was standing somewhere around the penalty. He made a vain attempt to flap for the ball, but his feet didn't leave the ground and he landed flat on his back at more or less the same time as the ball bounced into our net. I shouted something like "You fvcking tw@t, Pressman", earning sour-faced looks from everyone, and a three-day penance from my wife.


It's here in all its glory.


We did sign some donkeys in the 2000s.

God that’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. He looks like Vardy if Vardy had eaten Big Wes...

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