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LCFC vs Southampton - Match Thread - 16/01/2021

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1 minute ago, Gravel said:

Precaution for his yellow

Bit strange though, Fofana barely put a foot wrong apart from when he was blonde and had a good partnership with Evans.

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Oh, Ah .wow Sorry guys just remembered theres an item on my tel bill BT sport !!!! Usually  as I'm an oldie I get my son to set these things up bit I managed it within 10 minutes . Even allowing for the commentators who I thought were siding with the underdogs (Saints) it was better than the supposedly minute by minute internet news channels and certainly better than BBC radio leicester. and LCFC radio.


THE MATCH- Thought the only guy who would struggle for a place in this team is Madison !!! but he put that right . Great goal. Ndidi I thought immense as was Jonny Evans and Albrighton  a big contributor. I love JV enough to forgive him his air shot. Every one else looked class to me.

Make no mistake Saints are giving us a tough test but we should win from here. I thought Hasenhuttl out thought Brendan a little in set up but I'm pretty confident BR will come up trumps for 2nd half. I'm not mug enough to predict a football match but I think 3-1 or 2-0 is not out of the question and given its Soton (underrated on tonight's performance) i'd accept a draw (just this once ,mind )


Decision Decisions .do I watch 2nd half live ? 

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Just now, TrickyTrevLeftPeg said:

Pitch looks heavy going.


Fofana off surely cos he's on a dicey yellow



Dicey ref as well.

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