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LCFC 2-0 Southampton - Post-Match Thread

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Absolutely buzzing with that! Such a mature performance from us and Rodgers, which is a really good sign after the capitulation last season.


what a midfield we have, one of the best in the league no question. 

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That was a fantastic win, the sort of game you need to win if you want to get into Europe.


I can't believe Perez didn't square that ball at the end, could have cost us the game, got to be squaring that to Vardy. Speaking of which, I hope it's the usual tweak he feels and he's ok for Chelsea, I wouldn't fancy relying on on Iheanacho for a long period of time.


Nice to see a bit of a gap to 7th.


A win against Chelsea would be ridiculous, but I'd be happy with a point.

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3 minutes ago, Koke said:

Southampton are so good. Tactically brilliant and technically superb. Huge W tonight.

I actually disagree. They create nothing up front. They play with tempo and movement - but not impressed


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1 minute ago, zorro en españa said:

Great result - you have to dig deep and we did.


Evans brilliant in that first half.  Love JJ - even if he did let it out on the touch line ....twice


JJ's dummy against Walcott and the run and pass for Vardy in the second half more than made up for that surely!

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3 minutes ago, twister said:

cocerned about vardys injury


he wasn't at his best tonight but needed midweek

Agreed, against a so called big six side too, but we've got plenty of players on top form atm should he not be available to put up a decent performance. 

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