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Swithland fox

Striker who could replace vardy

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1 hour ago, Swithland fox said:

Great second striker for top 6 club

Ings is a great striker. Links up play so nicely and is a hard worker too.


He got 20+ goals last season, in a side that spent a lot of time in the lower regions of the division, and he doesn't even take penalties.


It'd never happen but I'd take him here.

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1 hour ago, Ric Flair said:

If I remember rightly hasn't scored all season in the 2nd division of Germany. 

He is clearly hiding his light under a bushel as he doesn’t want to alert Bayern and scupper his dream move. :ph34r:

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We don’t need to replace Vardy directly (we can’t). We should aim to bring in a different kind of striker, one who is capable of dropping deep and building up attacks as well as getting in the end of scoring chances. A more modern striker.

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Seriously for a moment (without any mention of Fabian Reese) - we aren’t going to replace him with like for like, so Edouard seems an obvious option. He is known to Brendan, valued, young, well regarded, price is good and we seem to have (almost) first dibs. Fail to see a downside.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if we changed it up and went for someone very few people are familiar with.


Jean-Pierre Nsame

Kasper Doljberg

Ibrahima Niane
Alexander Isak

Jordan Larson

Neal Maupay

Ivan Toney

Adam Armstrong



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1 hour ago, Gravel said:

Only Haaland will do. Just need to find £66m between the sofa cushions and pretend we're Spanish.

I think if there was any chance of him signing we would find the 66 million. Unfortunately no chance!

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1 hour ago, winteriscoming said:

Will be interesting to see how Ivan Toney does when we play Brentford. Doing well in the championship. 

I was thinking Ivan Toney. He's only 24 and he's already got 16 goals in 22 games for Brentford. Surprisingly, I don't think he's played international football at youth level??? I think a lot will depend on whether Brentford get promoted because if they do then he will stay with them for sure but would be good premier league experience for the future maybe? I don't know but from what I can see, he looks very decent.

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Lets understand & get this right

N O B O D Y.... replaces Vardy. That Player doesn't exsist..!!


We have to recognis the Set up our F.line, and M.Field feed might be different

This doesn't mean we have to Drop down on our ambitions,

Squad is clever enough to Play with and to the New strikers strengths...

He too also needs to Acknowledge & respect "The Leicester Way & spirit"

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