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Leicester 2 - 0 Chelsea Post Match Thread

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1 minute ago, RGFox said:

Total performance today from start to end. Best overall this season IMHO.


If we can sort out set pieces, we will be unstoppable!


To think they've spent £250m on attackers. Their team so unbalanced.


Love this team!

Like the commentator said , lampards got too many choices 

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2 minutes ago, Dr The Singh said:

Performance of the season. Individually, collectively and tactically far superior than Chelsea

Can't see how Soyuncu or Under get in the team.


Vardy is playing below par but the fear factor he has draws the defenders away regardless, opening up the pitch for the rest of the team

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We have n't won anything yet but even on LC radio we sounded a team of heroes and I'm sure we were . I think Brendan should enquire ,without anger, what went wrong second half but no anger and certainly no knee cappings. Keep practicing the corners, headers, and set pieces all those goals are free as we have to take them to get the ball in play again. Oh no, here come the doctors with the tight jacket again. What did i d........? 

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1 minute ago, elvisfmcfly said:

Please tell me Chilwell was pissing himself laughing and hugging all our players after that.

No he went down the tunnel quick! Regretting his life choices

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Outstanding. Had everything, desire, commitment, quality on the ball, movement, professionalism, game management and a tiny bit of luck when needed. And this is with Vardy being in poor form.


What a response from Fofana not being taken off last time, magnificent. Castagne and Justin brilliant. 

Tielemans and Ndidi so assured, composed and class. Maddison growing.

Barnes a bit quiet but he's in a position now where he is always a threat, and Vardy full of effort but it just ain't happening. But it's even better that we're on good form without him scoring.


Top for 24 hours is a bonus. Gap to Chelsea widens and we can hopefully start pulling away in the top 5 and leave rest behind.


These superb night performances play havoc with my sleep, not going to get sleep for hours now. 





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Very mature performance, could very easily have been a bigger scoreline with the kinds of chances we kept making.  Bodes very, very well.



And go eat a bag of dicks Martin Tyler you salty old gimp :D 

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Brilliant to a man. Not much else to say.

Others take the headlines but pretty much everything good we do involves Tielemans somewhere along the line. He needs a monster contract and the armband.

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