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Last Week of the Window - Predictions (bit of fun!)

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Seem to remember we had this thread last season...


We've been unusually vocal this week about wanting a midfielder, and now might also be in the market for a striker. So I thought it would be a good time for people to make some 'just for fun' predictions of our business for the last week of the window...



IN: Edouard (Loan to buy), Otavio (Offer them cash to release him early)


OUT: Gray (Loan to Celtic or released to another club early), Thomas (loan to Newcastle), Hamza (loan to West Brom)

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Just now, Ric Flair said:

In: Ryan Christie loan with option to buy

I wanted to put this but no way we are getting two off them. It will be one or the other though so you might be spot on

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Odsonne Eduoard and McGregor in for £35-£40m with Gray on a free and Hamza on a loan going out. 


In reality, Gray might leave and all we will get is an interview with Rodgers in Feb saying they had a few options but nothing was right and they won't get someone in for the sake of it. 

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25 minutes ago, Muzzy_Larsson said:

IN: Neil Lennon

OUT: Brendan Rodgers (Celtic)



Vardy injured, Muzzy turns up to stick the boot in  :mad:


trust you brought a plus one?  :ph34r:

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1 minute ago, jayfox26 said:

Do we ever get seriously linked with anyone until it's near enough done? 

Sometimes if they are careless and do all the preliminary insurance stuff under a real name; not a project/code name?


And obviously it can depends who is carrying out medicals as they have to be booked etc.

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Don't think we spend any money, but do bring in someone on loan or as a free agent. For that reason I don't see Edouard coming in, but will go for Otavio, mainly because that's the signing of the players we've been linked with that I like. Eriksen I think goes back to Spurs.

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6 minutes ago, The People's Hero said:

The wildcard is whoever from Arsenal is no longer getting a look (Nketiah/Martinelli) is Arsenal bring in Eduoard.


Try keeping that lot, Nelson, Auba, Laca and Eduoard happy.


Or Giroud from Chelsea.


Both v unlikely but who knows.



Arsenal wouldn't do business with us whilst we are standing in their way of a possible top 6 spot and potential opponents in the EL.

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