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Gray joins Bayer Leverkusen

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On 02/02/2021 at 10:15, Happy Fox said:


Interesting he was playing on the LW. Maybe that's where a lot of issues were between him and the club were.


On a humorous note has anyone clicked on the link and dimis personal photos in this link? Go to photo 6. The bloke looks like a monster, 2 x morgan! Get him in.....

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38 minutes ago, Ric Flair said:

The simple fact is Harvey Barnes has scored more goals from left wing in half a season this year than Gray scored in all his time here. Shackles off

Ive always put it down to him not having a football brain at speed and inter linking with his teammates in a system which even brighton are trying to implement. You are right, their style suits him....

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3 minutes ago, Innovindil said:

Don't get the anger from some. I'd much rather he does well in a foreign league much like Kramaric. At a minimum it shows that our scouting is on point, and eventually we'll find the right players to tick with us.

I wouldn't say our scouting is always on point 🤔

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11 minutes ago, HighPeakFox said:

It's not possible to get it 100% - I think we do ok.

Agreed. We've made some panic buy slip ups such as Silva and Slimani, but on the whole we are one of the best, if not the best in the country.

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2 minutes ago, UpTheLeagueFox said:

People always look for things to be angry about.

I'm really pleased for him and I hope he continues to be successful.

Him doing well is no slight on us.

He'd gone stale, we've kicked on, it's a sensible move all round.


Probably been posted already but this is what he said on Instagram when he left us - all very positive and respectful.

"Today I say goodbye to a wonderful club and family as it is Leicester City. I want to thank everyone at the club who have helped me to become a better footballer. My debut and Winning the Premier League have been unforgettable moments that will be part of my career forever together with the goal against Cardiff that I had the privilege to score and dedicate to a wonderful man and chairman, Vichai. I’m ready for a new challenge now and I wish to the club and all my teammates a future full of success !"

I went to a test match a few years ago, and was keeping track of the tennis. Andy Murray was doing well, and when I mentioned this (attempting chit chat) I was met with an attitude that I can only describe as illuminating. All these 50-60 year old men, with folded arms, said how they detested him because 'he hates the English'. Nothing could budge them. 

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I really don't like this. He had an unreasonable amount of hate whilst he was playing for us, people carried this on when he was benched and then left out of the squad. Now he's gone, and people are still digging him out. It's ugly. It makes me dislike other Leicester fans. Please stop. Close this thread. 

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7 hours ago, peach0000 said:

It's the Budesliga not the SPL. It's one of the best leagues in the world. 

You don’t say! 

Then you must know that it’s one of the highest-scoring leagues in Europe and is extremely friendly to forwards. 

Timo Werner was a god in that league! lol

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9 minutes ago, spacemunky said:

 Put it away nicely, buy what kind of defending was that? lol

Political side step defending. All he had to do was tuck it away.


In all seriousness good luck to him. It didnt work out here for both parties in the way we had hoped but shit happens.

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