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Beaten by the better team. Really poor defensively and not much better going forward. Team selection was fine, no need to change it when we’ve been playing our best football all season. Missing key players as well. People need to keep their heads screwed on.

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They deserved it, should've been ahead at half-time and we didn't create enough. Perez and Mendy didn't step up well enough for the main players and we paid the price.


Schmeichel, Barnes and Tielemans did well enough but too many players not at it and the less said about our set-pieces the better. 

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Need to get Maddison off set pieces. Can't beat the first man, ever. Basics.


Still look incredibly shaky defending corners too.


The introduction of 3 centre backs 2nd half didn't work either. Rodgers will admit that.

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1 minute ago, King of Gipsy Lane said:


Didn’t work hard enough 

Defended like Sunday league players 

Tired and devoid of ideas 

Without Vardy we are weak 

Perez need to play in a two man forward line

Evans looked very slow today 

Under needs a start 

Maddison missing again 

We need to a huge reaction now 

And we need a signing to pick everyone up 



Fixed it for you 

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That was an awful performance. Worst we’ve seen in a while but that’s because we’ve played so well for so long.


I’m sorry but Perez isn’t good enough, I’d rather Nacho upfront or try Barnes in the middle.

It’s about time we got our corners and free kicks sorted and I’ve been saying this even whilst we’ve been playing well. No more excuses for them, they’re constantly wasted.


Onto the next one and let this be a mind focuser. 


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Not the reason we lost but the officiating was atrocious. Does aid your team's cause when you have the option to throw yourself to the floor everytime you lose possession and get a free kick every time. That's cheating. Plain and simple.


There was a moment in the second half that summed it up for me; Cooper receives the ball on the touchline, seeing nothing is on ahead of him, he turns back towards his own goal but stumbles slightly. He sees that Perez (who is about a metre away) is about to win back possession- what does he do? Throws himself to the floor. Kavanagh gives them a free kick. Perez literally didn't even touch him.


Madders and set pieces btw - it's embarrassing.

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Best two players out and their replacements simply not up to it.

We could carry one of them, but not both.

I hate singling out individuals when we haven’t collectively played well, but Perez was awful, he was like an extra Leeds defender getting in the way of everything.

Anyway, we go again on Wednesday! 

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Had a feeling after their equaliser this game had shades of Southampton at home last season, I back Perez every game but today I cannot, he has been absolutely dreadful, their 2nd is slightly on him too as I feel he backed out of what looked like a 50-50 challenge for the ball

How with 3 CBs Patrick Bamford has that much time and space for his goal is untrue

Its not like Leeds have been that good, their last 2 goals were gifted really

Not a good day at the office 

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