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LCFC vs Brighton (FA Cup) - Match Thread - 10/02/2021

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2 minutes ago, Les-TA-Jon said:


Has he had much of a chance to be bad yet!? 

No he hasn't, but typical FT he should be hung by morning... No point waiting till after the 1st 90, lets just hang him after 15 mins .... 

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3 minutes ago, Blanchflower78 said:

To all those who scream for Under to play...... 

people like you probably have been praying for him to have a bad match so that the people who "scream" for Under are in the wrong lol. 

Way to stand behind your players.

Btw there's not one positive Leicester player so far 


Where were you when he assisted vs. Arsenal etc. or scored in the Cup matches?  

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