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LCFC vs Brighton (FA Cup) - Match Thread - 10/02/2021

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Blimey they don’t look arsed tonight lol 


Gaping hole between Vardy and midfield due to playing the back five and Under and Perez not having a clue what their role is 

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4 minutes ago, Finnegan said:

It's alright complaining about Youri, Perez, Under or whoever your chosen scapegoat is but the bottom line is this system is shit. 


We're being let down by a poor shape that's not conducive to controlling possession and so the game. 


The midfield are over run and the wide players are under used. They're so pinned back that if they do ever get it, the only ball on is to punt it at Vards. The whole thing is shit. 

Yep agreed. It allows for personnel but out on the pitch in practice it isn’t working. 

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