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Liverpool (H) Match Thread - Sat 13/02/21 @ 12.30 BT Sports

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Just now, Line-X said:

Why is it all the negative twats stop posting when we turn this around?

They'll be back when we aren't 3-0 up inside 15 minutes next game.


There's one in particular I'm looking out for. Should know better having watched football for several millennia.

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Barnes finishing has improved so much. That third goal was well taken, and the confidence to take it on when Vardy was square for a tap in is good to see. I’d have been a bit annoyed if he didn’t bag though!


cant quite believe what’s happened here

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1 minute ago, mozartfox said:

Humble Pie sold out in Morrisons?  People need to relax and get behind the team.

I don’t get this.


We’re not in the stadium, it’s an online forum. The players aren’t going to react to what we say.


I think we should be allowed to be critical of performances, and for 70 mins of the game, we were bobbins.

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