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LCFC 3-1 Liverpool - Post Match Thread

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1 minute ago, Bourbon Fox said:

For 78 minutes, Liverpool swarmed us like the pack of geese that attacked my mum on a holiday to Mablethorpe in 1998, aggressive.

Your mum got goosed in Mablethorpe. Any Pics?

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On the shithousery scale that's a solid 7/10


For 75 mins it felt like we defended well but our passing in the top 3rd of the pitch was piss poor.  But looking back, how many saves did Kasper have to make? Hardly any, we also had the more clear cut chances in the first half.


Great character from the lads to keep going.


N'Diddi - immense

Evans and Cags - Outstanding

Big Dan - FFS his distribution and decision making :jawdrop:

Riccardo - starting to regain his match sharpness and can't wait to see more driving forward from him

Youri - solid if unspectacular, put in a lot of yards

Kev - was he playing?

Madders - piss poor first half, got better as the game went on

Barnes - got better when he had more space later on, great composure for the goal

Vards - similar to Riccardo, looks like he's having to rebuild his match sharpness, but a great distraction to allow others to grab some space





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1 minute ago, FOXSE said:

Ndidi man of the match. But delighted to see Ricardo looking like he is getting back to his best and soyuncu looked very impressive. 

That could be the headline, because a full-strength Ricardo is a world-class player.  He still doesn't quite have the burst of pace back, but he was really superb today playing out of position.

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1 minute ago, Mark_w said:

Poor BT really don't know how to not talk about Liverpool


Jake kept trying to lead the discussion onto Leicester and they lasted about 20 seconds before it turned into Liverpool's woeful defending.


Fair play to Savage for bringing up our own massive injury problems.

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People need some perspective talking about how poor it was before the last 15. It was a struggle but it wasn't that bad, I just think we're a side sometimes can look like that when things aren't going great within a game. 

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