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Slavia 0-0 LCFC - Post Match Thread

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Crap performance on a crap pitch against crap opposition, all overseen by a ref whose pre-match routine must include pounding down a frankly insane cocktail of drugs. Didn't concede or pick up any injuries (as far as I could tell, anyway) so not going to worry about it too much and we really ought to turn them over at home.

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Awful officials for today's game. Very poor. No consistency of decisions and apparently rugby tackling and being pushed is allowed. Ah well, not a bad result in the end. 


Not our best performance, especially in the second half. But there is still 90minutes and I think we can take these. 



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2 minutes ago, ALC Fox said:

I actually weirdly enjoyed that. What a scrap that was. Some of those boys will be able to hold their heads up high, especially Thomas coming up against their main man Sima directly.


Thank goodness we have some warriors in our team as well, like Cags, Evans, Amartey, Ndidi, Barnes, Albrighton and Vardy. A softer team would've crumbled, especially with all the little tricks of the trade and dark arts going on.


I thought Barnes was our best player. He was always looking to get things going.


But a special mention has to go to Choudhury. It looked like he really relished that kind of scrap against such a hardworking side, putting in the kind of tackles that Slavia were doing all game, getting in their heads with the shush gesture after their guy screamed following a robust but fair challenge. And that cross. Wow. It was practically on a plate for Iheanacho.


I love watching these kinds of games. Less so when Leicester are involved as it's nervy as fvck but it was scrappy and passionate and we fought hard for that European away 0-0 draw. On to the KP where hopefully we can express ourselves a bit more.


One further thing. Cengiz needs to start taking his opportunities soon as they're running out fast.


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10 minutes ago, jammie82uk said:

Have they? Can’t people think that both things can be true? For me The ref was poor today, some of the “fouls” given was verging on the ridiculous, the opposition only got 1 yellow in the game despite the multiple fouls on Barnes, despite all the fouls and the rugby tackle on Maddison and yes We were poor today and there was no real improvement on the dire performance from Saturday

Read some of the comments in here and in the match thread. All about the ref and not about us being totally lacklustre. His issue was that he was being incredibly inconsistent with yellows /fouls and that isn’t the reason we didn’t win the game. 

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11 minutes ago, UpTheLeagueFox said:

Rodgers has just told the press conference that Castagne and Ricardo should be okay for Sunday vs Villa



"We've been good at home in Europe so will attack the second leg."

Wish we'd "attacked" tonight's game a bit more so we could have finished it off and rested key players for the return leg. We basically set up not to lose.


I do wonder if we might see an increasing number of attritional performances over the next few months. Due to the injury situation we're flogging the same players over and again, with limited options to rotate. As a result, tiredness will creep in and we're going to have to grind out results. Performances over the past few weeks haven't be great - yes, I know we beat Liverpool thanks to a late flurry but for 80% of the game we struggled to get our passing going at all. It was the same against Leeds, Wolves and Brighton in the cup. Desperately need to get Ric and Timmy back and fully firing as the full backs play a crucial role in the way we attack.


Anyway, at least we didn't lose. On to the next.

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14 minutes ago, FoxyJim1987 said:

Sorry can you explain how he got it wrong? What team would you have picked then with all the injuries? We drew and got a clean sheet in away leg it's hardly a disaster. Plus the ref was a grade A cvnt

Yes certainly whilst I understand we were limited with injuries he started with 4 at the back to which they were all over us so he had to change formation so he got the initial formation wrong . We were second to nearly every single ball which it largely down to players being tired so we should have started with a few pairs of fresher legs in the side  so yet again he got it wrong . Everyone is moaning about the pitch which yes it wasn’t great but he clearly insisted on us still trying to play out  at the back and putting ourselves under more pressure . Why did he not see this and tell them to adapt their play . Get the ball forward quicker stop trying to pass out from the back which was playing straight in to their hands . Why did he not make the subs  sooner we could all see they needed to be done we were hanging on and treading water . 

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I thought he would have made more changes with the Villa game in mind and maybe rested Vardy but obviously he really wanted to get a good start in the tie. They did look dangerous at times and we did seem to defend too much. Didn’t really give Vardy enough chances. So could in hindsight have rested him. The tie could still go either way and we will really need to be switched on in the second leg

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8 minutes ago, Dr The Singh said:

I didn't say we are terrible, but not BR standard.


We are better then this.

On our day we are yeah. At full strength, bang on form, we can be amazing. An away clean sheet in Europe with half fit players and an injury list is not too shabby. 

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1 minute ago, RowlattsFox said:

I still don't understand how someone like Iheanacho has managed to get himself suspended lol 

I remember a tackle against AEK (?) where he could have actually got sent off! Luckily no VAR back then... 

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