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Villa away pre match thread

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13 minutes ago, Md9 said:

We also beat Fulham and Brighton in the cup in between these games so our form hasn’t been to bad. 

I would say the Brighton performance was as abject as you get while still winning, one piece of inspiration in the 94th minute :). Fulhan was much more like it though.

it's still only one and half decent performances in the last six. Yet we have lost none of them.

It's more a question of whether we  ride our luck again today or actually take a strong grip of this game and get goals when we have the upper hand.  I'm actually not confident we will. 



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We've not been at our best at all but bar the Brighton game we have created a fair amount of chances in all of them and are defending well so I still think we are more than capable of winning the majority of the games we play. 


Villa have hardly been the prince of champagne football themselves recently either. Let's do them please.

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58 minutes ago, HighPeakFox said:

I know nothing about him. Do you mind explaining how you know all this stuff to be accurate?

Look at his local court reports, His mates Instagram accounts and national Papers with picture evidence, it’s all there in black and white the guy is an utter waste waiting to happen 

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