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Villa 1-2 LCFC - Post Match Thread

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We won but my god we made harder work of that than we needed to. Goal difference could be important and we could have gone on to win 4 or 5 nil if we carried on. BR going so defensive makes me nervous! 

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Brilliant 1st half, stressful in the 2nd half


We were never going to be able to play as well as we did in the 1st half in the 2nd half, some of the lads were absolutely knackered


Still even with how defensive we went I don't think they really had any clear cut chances to score other than the goal


This is the kind of game we would've bottled last season, now we are regularly grinding out these wins whilst having to do with rotation and the lads being knackered


Luke Thomas MOTM


Onto Slavia on Thursday!

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1 minute ago, kingfox said:

I grew up watching some great partnerships, like Bert & Ernie, Rosie & Jim and Bodger & Badger.


But after today, Luke Thomas and Harvey Barnes are officially the greatest partnership I’ve ever seen.

Paul and Barry Chuckle dislike this post. Well one of them does anyway

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That second half was a tough watch. I never want us to play a midfield 3 of mendy hamza and wilf again. Great result though. Vardy not looking the same. Maybe his injuries have caught up with him. Currently Ian offers a lot more. 

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That was a bit of a squeaky bum time last 15 min but fair play to the Lads grind out the win, hope Madders injury not to bad he’ll be ok for Thursday all we need now is The Geordies to either hold or beat Manure !!💙🦊💙

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