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Slavia Prague Post match - 2-0

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Collectively,  from Brendan Rodgers to every single one of them on the pitch, that was atrocious from start to finish.

We have been embarrassed by arguably the worst team left in the competition.

If we get top 4, that will go some way to forgetting this performance however top 4 is a long way off given the chasing pack and the unreliability / unpredictability of our team. Personally,  I don't think we'll finish top 4. We have been declining over the last few weeks, making hard work of the Villa match and being gifted the Liverpool result albeit on paper it makes us look brilliant.

On the flip side, If it wasn't for Corona,  I'd be devastated not seeing what country we will be going to next however knowing we likely wouldn't be going anyway, I think I'll quickly get over our exit from this competition.

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I’m ****ing livid at this. Bournemouth levels of rage. 

Injuries or not, that was ****ing rubbish from the manager to the players. Gave them an in with a shit line-up, but over 2 legs we had one half chance from Barnes.


Absolute waste of time and effort. 

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To lose to these over 2 legs is very poor. First time Rodgers has let us down this season.


Considering we're decimated by injuries I'm looking at the positive that we can now name a full strength for every remaining game. Amartey and Hamza have hopefully played their last game for the club


Onwards and upwards.


We need about 5 players in the summer and to ship out some of the dross that's holding us back.


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1 minute ago, Mike Oxlong said:

Disappointing but injuries and match fatigue have caught up with us tonight. The experience will hold us in good stead for next years European campaign which will hopefully be in the Champions League 

Yeah, in all fairness this campaign gives vital European experience to the whole squad,


At least there's some positives from it, even if we are all gutted.

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3 minutes ago, BigGibbo said:

If this is how Rodgers is going to approach European competition going forward he can f**k off to Tottenham where that kind of shit is tolerated. 

Shut up idiot he has to take some of the blame but so should some of the players and them players know who they are

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