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I believe he's in Thailand and will be until most sanctions in the UK have been lifted. When the training ground was opened, they said they were waiting for Top to get there to have the first round on the golf course. Not sure if that's still the case, but I believe he has not actually been to the centre yet because of the Panedmic.

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I'm not actually that bothered, and not in a rude dismissive way, just in a sense that it doesn't really matter :dunno:.


Everyone is dealing with their own shit and own circumstances in such a weird fvcked up world right now and if Top has to deal with anything going on in his life or his family's life away from the UK then so be it :thumbup:. I'm sure he'll come back to the UK when it's much safer and say what he needs to when he sees fit :)

He's never been a man of many words anyway. 

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