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Arsenal match thread - Sunday 28th at 12.00

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1 minute ago, The People's Hero said:

At a rich 6 club, Vardy wouldn't be playing currently as they all have options; we just don't have the options and also JV is always desperate to play.


As we all know, then one part of the body is not 100%, it tends to mean you don't move naturally and it can put stress on other parts of the body.. so Vardy moving less than naturally is not a good sign. 


Evans is another this season who has never looked 'quite' natural and right.


Maddison another.



Exactly, they risk doing themselves more damage by continuing to play and putting stress on other areas. For Evans and Vardy, that's okay as they're nearing the end of their careers. 


Maddison is a worry though.



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Just now, Angus Scott said:

It's one way traffic now, It's difficult to see how we will hang on

Yeah but with respect, do you remember the other week vs Liverpool when you were telling everyone who would listen how many years you'd watched football for and that you'd never seen Leicester so bad and Liverpool had never had an easier game (despite beating Palace 7-0 this season) and that we were relegation candidates.



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