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Arsenal match thread - Sunday 28th at 12.00

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I dont think the players are knackered at all, it's the way were set up that makes it look that way.


Fit players dont look leggy in the first half. Weve played like this most of the season and people have loved it. 


Thomas off at ht for Cengiz and Tavares for Vardy.

















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What the f**k is going on with our Number 9??


A non-league player would be ashamed of his passing/touch at the moment. Seems like he’s running scared and it is impacting the rest of the team.

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this Arsenal team are poor at the back, and quality going forward, we need to press them higher up the pitch and the mistakes will happen, far to negative after going 1-0 up, Thomas needs to come off.

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3 minutes ago, Kato said:

How? This is literally the best team available with the injuries we’ve got, maybe could’ve put Ricardo or Castagne at LB and played Albrighton but other than that...? 

No problem with the team selection. My problwm is with our gameplan, we're sitting so far off them. Nicked a goal and then just sat so far back. We are a better side than them so get after them.

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Just now, peterborofox said:

True but shouldn't do more than them, considering Arsenal also played Thursday and had to fly back

The majority of their side didn’t play - yes they travelled though they stayed o’night in Athens ......


and I noticed that they are keeping the central area around wilf pretty empty - he’s having to go walkabout trying to find someone to pick up. Clever tactics 


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Just now, FoxOnWheels said:

Youri’s goal shows how fragile they are at the back yet we go 1-0 up and drop back wtf

100% agree... Should've gone attack attack attack.. They were shaken.. Just invited them to come at us. 


Vardys been shite again


Get Schmeichel to do the half time talk.. He'll get in to them 

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3 minutes ago, turtmcfly said:


Vanishingly small chance it's not way higher than yours 



Was a simple inquisitive comment, dont let the match get you too snarky buddy

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1 minute ago, ozvaldo said:

We win the ball and pump it long. Vardy literally cannot sprint. He has zero pace and his touch has gone. Who else has a chance of getting into the end of a long ball? 

Barnes is a winger. He runs at his man and utilises the inside left...and he's the best we have in that role. He does not play up top or off the shoulder of the last man. The problem stems with the injuries to Madders, Praet and Perez which would have allowed us to push up Nacho.  

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Get the ball to Barnes and Ricardo in space and Arsenal look absolutely terrible. We need to move them around a bit though as Arteta has done a bit of a job on us in terms of getting the ball to those players where we want them to have it.


I realise that is going to go over 95% of heads on here but for the few that understand it it; how would you try to get Barnes (and our ball carriers) on the ball in the right areas against this Arsenal system. 

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For those slagging off Rodgers tactics here,


Did you do the same during 


Man City 2-5 Leicester

Arsenal 0-1 Leicester 

Spurs 0-2 Leicester

Leicester 3-1 Liverpool

Leicester 2-0 Chelsea


or, was he just lucky there? This is the tactic he uses in these 'Big games' - You can't blame his tactics when his players let him down

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