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Arsenal match thread - Sunday 28th at 12.00

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1 minute ago, Col city fan said:

I’m not having that our players are spent.

This is EXACTLY why we fielded a weakened side v Slavia and crashed and burned out of a major tournament

Its time for the bullshit to stop and for Brendan and the lads to get a grip.

We are making this too easy for a bang average Arsenal team

He'll always have people making excuses for him. Needs to show he's not half a season manager because this is looking all too familiar 

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1 minute ago, JonnyBoy said:

Classic Leicester, wheels are coming off again 

100% except its even earlier this year 


Hopefully there's a 4 or 5 game winning streak round the corner.. But this one's going to be a trouncing 

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That's a turn around of our own making. God only knows what Wilf is thinking there. I seriously don't get it. I don't mind us sitting deep and defending, smothering the ball and breaking up their play once we went ahead and even with all their possession and passing we had more shots on target and better chances. But we were letting them play around our box and Thomas looks isolated and constantly bringing Pepe down. It just felt like a matter of time. Also what's the point of playing Vardy if once we get the ball off them we insist on passing it around the back, first thought passing backwards and NOT forwards and into the channels for Vardy to run into?!?!?!  The pen' that wasn't came literally from Ndidi messing about, wanting to pass back and not immediately launching the ball. 


I'm so bored of this immanent slide or collapse that people bang on about. Won three, drew one, lost one out of our last 5 games. And I think that replicates the previous five games as well. If we win this will you shut up? Or just wait until the next game we're behind in. 

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2 minutes ago, Chappers200 said:

Might sound dramatic... but...


Thomas for Under

Vardy for Tavares (Push Nacho Up)

Ndidi for Mendy

Definitely not the time to be taking Ndidi off. He's our most influential player when firing correctly. If we are to turn this around we will need Ndidi playing well. Would be all for the other two changes!

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Okay, so lets just review this.


We've ravaged with injuries.

Playing semi injured players.

Playing inexperienced players.


Something is going to give. I think we're in a worse position than we imploded last season, however in Harvey Barnes we have a match winner.


We're fast running out of options though as we look a little toothless and we're easier to defend against, with Vardy hobbling around, Maddison out etc. 


We can't defend set pieces for toffee, it's comically bad in fact.


Yes, we sit in the top four in the league and the teams below us seem to be in similar veins of form too.


Fulham - We went 2 up then basically sat back, inviting the pressure.

Liverpool - I'd roll out the old cliché that we didn't win it, Liverpool lost it.

Slavia Prague - Awful home and away, we didn't deserve to go though.

Wolves - Distinctly average and they had chances to win it than on another day would have been taken. Still no idea how Vardy didn't score though.

Aston Villa - Brilliant for 20 minutes, average  torrid 2nd half. 


I thought the collapse was impending at 65 minutes in the Liverpool game, however we somehow managed to win it. We haven't been great since though. 


It's 50/50 whether we make top 4 I'd say, however we need to dig deep and find a spark from somewhere, as the results since the end of January (Leeds) have masked what has actually not been great football at times. 

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If Vardy is injured or not fully fit he shouldnt be playing, its like the opposite team have 12 men when he plays like this because his touch is so so bad. 


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Maybe because we’re totally shot that’s why Brendan’s got us setting up the way he has. Sit in deep and counter rather than try and play fast expansive pressing football. 

Conservative football hasnt worked at Leicester city in recent years has it

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Just now, Dahnsouff said:

We have too many injuries in our attacking  personnel- this was always a free hit too me. 

We’re only really missing Maddison. Our forward options are so poor.


It will smash us hard if we fall out of top 4 this year!

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1 minute ago, Finnegan said:


A solid chunk of our side was rested mid week and Arsenal played on Thursday also but have managed to play on the front foot. 


Sorry Stan but that's just daft. 


We're not parking the bus because of energy levels, we're parking the bus because Rodgers has made a tactical decision this year to put in a low block against perceived bigger sides and counter. And it's paid dividends, we've beaten Man City, Liverpool and Tottenham doing it and it's made sense. 


The error here, however, is in giving Arsenal the respect of a "big side." They aren't, they're absolutely garbage. We did it at the Emirates too, where we only managed to squeeze a win at the death by going to a more attacking posture. 


Sometimes there's an argument for conserving your energy and going layer in the game but that makes absolutely no sense today. We've got zero bench, we're starting with our best attackers, some of whom may be tired by the end of the match PLUS Arsenal have a strong bench. The better play here was to try to dominate from the off and rest up in the second half if needs be. 


Rodgers has had some absolutely brilliant tactical moments this season. No doubt. 


But everyone's capable of making mistakes and our approach to this match so far has definitely been a mistake. 

It's not just from Thursday mate. Before that some players looked fatigued like against Villa 2nd half. Trouble is we don't have the players to come in and continue playing like we do at full strength. Injuries and quality of players to come in (or lack of) influence that. 


I agree what the better strategy was and to keep going and going and try and get the game secure first half. I just don't think the players even have the energy to do that, either. 


Vardy is usually our focal point for attacks but even with how he is now, half fit, we suffer going forward. I was happy Kelechi was brought in but there's only so much he can do. 


I'd love a reaction in the 2nd half but I'm just frustrated at how everything is. There's various factors. Not excuses as some like to say but each to their own and all that. 

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Got what we deserved, not getting close to them when they have the ball, losing it too quickly when we have it.


If only I had any faith that Under could bring anything to the table I'd have him on for Thomas with Castagne to LB, Ricardo RB but not sure. Just look shattered, most worrying thing like Thursday is lack of movement, the times Soyuncu expresses his frustration that there's just nothing moving in front of him.


Our fresher legs in the squad / bench are defensive players so not much option apart from Tavares who I don't know enough about. Really did need one more body coming in in January, dare I say even Gray would be useful right now until Maddison and Perez return!


But stick with the boys, they are trying, I just question them not wanting to make a run at times, that's when the mentality can turn negative.

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We were awful and I was screaming ‘it’s coming’. Brendan as usual didn’t react.


We were so lucky to be 1-0 up and it was clearly not working but Brendan always bottled making any big decisions. Waits till 60 minutes when it was always going to be impossible to make it that long when we have no outlet up top.

Bring Thomas off, put Hamza on and put Barnes in the hole.



Castange Soyuncu Evans Ricardo

       Hamza Ndidi Tielemens


             Nacho Vardy

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Thomas off albrighton on. Someone needs to remind rodgers that arsenal can't defend. What we sitting back for. Easiest afternoon they have had all season at the moment. 

Should of strenghed the side in January. I no money is tight but we are one or 2 more injuries away from dropping like a stone. Gonna cost us a lot more money if we miss out on the CL

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5 minutes ago, Leicester_Loyal said:

Still can get something out of this, just need to improve slightly and make a couple of tweaks.


The players are probably nakered tbf. Vardy is offering us nothing at the minute.


I hope not signing anyone in January (or signing Bennett) doesn't come back to bite us on the arse, again.

Jamie has held his groin a couple of times, I still don't think he is fully fit. This is why we needed to buy another striker in January.

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8 minutes ago, HankMarvin said:

Quite high I would suspect.

Most footballers don’t study for business degrees, let alone during their playing days 

Yeah I wouldnt be surprised generally speaking as players have different levels of intelligence. Anyway, I've edited my comment as I realise it may be intrepreted as being negative rather simply being than curious.

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