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Arsenal match thread - Sunday 28th at 12.00

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Dear me. Thats that ****ed then. Under to the rescue. We will never score a goal again! 


Look like we started the second half the way we should of played in the first half as well. 

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2 minutes ago, The People's Hero said:

And you must have missed his cameo last time we played Arsenal?


Shame; it was good!

Oh I saw it alright! 

I was calling for him to start on Thursday, with memories of that

The way Arsenal are attacking us and the lack of tracking back he does though, will likely cause more problems than "benefits" he can provide in attack

Albrighton for me, more energy and aggression and then Under on as our wildcard/last throw of the dice, if we continue to struggle to make anything happen!

Only 1-0 down. Can still do this, but boy do we need a complete 180 in performance this half 

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