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Arsenal match thread - Sunday 28th at 12.00

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1 minute ago, Bezzanator89 said:

There has to be some investigation into why our injury list from the last couple of seasons has been so consistently bad. When did we last have a full ensemble of players INJURY-FREE?


Is it the training intensity and methods? Can't be the fixture schedule because we had the same problem last season without European competitions. With the exception of Vardy, I can't even put it down to age. This is the youngest squad we have seen in years, brimming with quality, and should be in the fitness of their lives.


Unbelievably bad luck with injuries, yes, but there has to be a reason for this. Especially when you compare our dire straits against Arsenal, who are have a virtually-full squad primed for action.

It might be something to do with a certain pandemic and a busy than normal schedule. Just luck imo ACLs in particular are just luck.

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2 minutes ago, StanSP said:

Not every team. And how do you know they're not as fatigued? It's quite clear to see, in my opinion. 


I think Rodgers has had to change the set up to make up for all the absences. 

The way we’ve played last few games completely on the back foot says its more tactical than physical, we looked exactly the same after the 3 month break last season.

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Top goalscorer is out now. 
Current No.9’s main asset has gone. 
Playmaker’s out. 
Everyone’s dropping and we didn’t bring in a replacement Head Physio. 
There’s literally no intensity. 
It’s looking grim. 

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1 minute ago, adam95581 said:

We look so dejected. 

Understandable when you keep seeing your team mates stretcherd off

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1 minute ago, Onions said:

Did you moan about them after being Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool? 


Or is this another reactionary comment? 

This arsenal team are woeful. no way they can be compared to the list you put.

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We've got to be realistic here. 


We've been decimated by injuries.


We're at the point where we could have actually done with Demari Gray and Slimani. 


We'll be looking at the likes of Pennent, Reghba, Leshebela and Tavares to step up soon.


This injury crisis is worse than last season, we've never been at a place where we've put our best 11 on the pitch.

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