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Arsenal match thread - Sunday 28th at 12.00

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Just now, Corky said:

There was a reason we were going to Chalobah. We can't afford big signings at the moment and anyone else would be a back-up. No top team would loan a player to us.



It's also why we ended up with Bennett last season. 


We're a big enough threat to the elite. Yes, maybe we should have gone outside of the league, however you only need to look at Jose at Wolves and largely Under with us to realise that it's a tough league this and a major gamble to bring people in. Neither have performed ..... yet. 

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3 minutes ago, Mickyblueeyes said:

I’m fuming because the team is losing. I couldn’t care less what you thought. You chose to pick me out. Like I said, you live a virtually non-existent life which has no relevance on this forum or the team. I know that by how keen you’re for everyone to agree with you. You believe you’ve watched more football then anyone else and therefore have an opinion that matters. Countless people disagree with me on this forum and we get on with you. 

Ive seen people like you all my life. No importance no real opinion that matters so feel it necessary to make yourself heard from behind a keyboard. It’s pathetic and sad. If you don’t agree, get on with life - try and achieve something to be noticed.

For example, I still see something in Under - there is many who don’t. They’ll tell me in a proper and intelligent manner. You come across as a person whose unhappy with life (I got a professional wage from the game - wowee - if you’re not hired by BT as a pundit for today, your opinion is not being paid for). Grow up, understand this is a forum and behave yourself. 


I will not responding to anymore of your post. Please do not respond out of respect to the other users.

Sorry to everyone posting such a long post in the match forum. I just felt this childishness need to be dug out.



Mate it ain’t that deep you seriously need to put your laptop away lol Jesus wept 

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1 minute ago, yorkie1999 said:

That’s just cheating

Tierney would not have got that in the SPL. He’s in England now so it’s a foul :dunno: 


Absolute joke.

Edited by Fox92
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1 minute ago, Corky said:

Does Darren Fletcher ever stop talking?

He’s a commentator. He’s supposed to talk. 

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Just now, FoxFossil said:

Not happening. Not convinced Top is as interested as his Dad. No money into club for a couple of years. Long slow decline I fear.

They spent millions on the training ground, but we have nobody decent to train in it lol

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Let's try and look at some positives. A team with Schmeichel, Ricardo, Castagne, Evans, Soyuncu, Ndidi, Tielemans, Vardy is still a good side. I think he'll have go to a back 3 so our attacking threat comes from the wing backs. But we need Ricardo to be back fully fit- he's not there yet but he will be. Not having the EL will help, despite what people on here say, Rodgers is tactically good and can focus on getting the shape right. I'd still give us an outside chance at the top 4, which we'd have all taken at the start of the season

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