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Arsenal match thread - Sunday 28th at 12.00

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Just now, Glorious Leicester Fan said:

This is painful . 


Injuries are obviously destroying us. That said, some of injuries are of our own making. BR clearly doesn’t trust Nacho and Under (I imagine you could add a couple more to that list). Consequently, the burden on Vardy and the RW role becomes ridiculous and will inevitable result in injuries. 

He knew Nacho wasn’t up job and didn’t bring in a placement. This is inexcusable. Moreover, he clearly didn’t rate Gray and to a lesser extent Albrighton. He’s the manager so fair enough. But again he should of brought in replacements. To be in a position where our only options are Albrighton, a RB and a player he doesn’t rate is shocking. 

So Rodgers makes every club transfer decision, controls the purse strings, causes injuries and the schedule?


He needs a pay rise!

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Just now, yorkie1999 said:

Klopp was right, you cannot play this much football

I do think it shows a lot that the richest two teams are the two coping with it the best. However Liverpool should be doing better than they are.

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