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Brighton vs LCFC - Match Thread - 06/03/2021 (Sky Sports)

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1 minute ago, matty98 said:

I don't even see how we change it tbh, we just don't have enough wide or attacking options available.

Lashbela or however you spell it is a wide player isn’t he? 

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Dropping points to shite teams this season is ridiculous.


Arsenal are ****ing wank

Burnley are even worse 

Now Brighton and ****ing holve abion.




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1 minute ago, CloudFox said:

I don't understand what our tactics are here - what are we doing? We're losing every second ball, and even when we do win them we just have no idea what to do with the pass.

Don't worry - it will all be sorted in min 65 by which time if it's still at 1-0 we can probably get a draw. 

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