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Sheffield United 5-0 Post Match Thread

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Sheffield United were rubbish and their heads went, that has to be said. But the second half was superb, first half was ok but really played some good stuff and everyone played well.


A shame Vardy still can't finish his dinner but that was his best performance in general play in a long time. Made the extra effort to get involved and not allow himself to be marked. 


Iheanacho was brilliant today, sometimes he scores but you think there was some really shit stuff in between but not today. Best performance in a Leicester shirt. 

Perez excellent too. 


Allowed the freedom to play of course which helped, but much needed win and take some confidence into the cup game. 3 at the back makes me nervous defensively, but it allows Vardy and Iheanacho to link up like today maybe we have to stick with it. Couple of them goals dont happen with one striker.



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Sheff Utd were utter shite lads, but you can only beat what’s in front of you. So pleased for Nacho. Hope all the doubters understand now that the lad just needs game time and confidence. Partnership with Vardy coming along well. If only Vardy could have finished a couple as well. 

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So happy for Nacho, he really needed that. Is he about to show the potential we bought a few seasons ago now? I hope so!!


Feel sorry for Sheff Utd - have a soft spot for them as I lived in Sheffield for almost 20 years and a mate of mine is one of their team medics - but we really showed class today, they showed so little confidence. 

Only downside was Vardy didn’t score, but his assists were fantastic and he still celebrated each goal like he’d scored it!!

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Delighted but why was Vardy still on the pitch after 65 mins I understand trying to get a goal but game was over,he has bigger fish to fry.Also perfect opportunity to get a third sub on.I know I’m picky but...we need full squad to get this champions league spot over the line.

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3 minutes ago, NaijaFox said:

I think the entire team was trying to get him a goal...

Frankly, he was terribly UNLUCKY not at least have gotten one.


Rght - that's exactly what I was afraid of / thinking.  We've done absolutely nothing to get any kind of benefit of the doubt when it comes to handling injuries the past couple years.  To see Vardy out there hobbling around for 30 or so minutes - when it was 100% not necessary to get a result - is really poor.  Sorry, I wish I could ignore it, but I'm surprised others aren't more up in arms about it.  We're OK with Vardy out for the year because he really deserves a goal?  Not me...


Again, I know this is going to come off has negative after an absolutely baller performance (still thinking about Fofana's defensive header on their free kick which led to our 2nd), but I can't see that happening in real time and not think WTF are we doing.

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Absolutely outstanding. So happy.


We've made a statement today. An Arsenal win and a draw in the United game and it's literally a perfect weekend of results.

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