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LCFC 3-1 Man Utd - Post-Match Thread

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42 minutes ago, bss9401 said:

I was at the 5-3 and thought we could never play better against Man u again. 


The 5-3 is an all time classic but this was as good.

Better. Not more exhilarating, not more joyful. But better as we were the better team from start to finish. I haven’t seen that since the mid-70s against them. Brilliant performance!

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What a great performance today! Really liking Nachos confidence and form right now! Must imagine if Vardy also was on form, could have been 4 or 5! Love it. Hope our Vards finds his confidence again soon. FA Cup win and 2nd place would be amazing and far beyond any expectation at the start of the campaign. 

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2 minutes ago, baldeagle said:

Did any one else notice it looked like Maguire was gonna burst into tears at one point ....you just love to see it 

He was hoping to score a couple and get them out of jail. They call that reciprocating don't they?

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6 minutes ago, reynard said:

Sorry, I admire your sportsmanship but I have not one iota of sympathy for them, They spend a fortune it doesn't work so they spend another fortune and when it doesn't work they spend another.

Without several of our top players we simply outclassed them all over the pitch. Not even VAR could help them today.

Fantastic feeling. Just hope it goes better than the last time against Spurs at Villa Park.

I was jesting with the sympathy but we have days where we look tired and a million miles from what we can be. It happens.


As for their spending, too much money and not enough intelligence.


Anyway, we were so on it today it would take something special to beat us.

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9 minutes ago, reynard said:

Anyone know how that idiot from TalkSport has taken it?

probably still thinks we can't replace Vardy.. cretin


Years ago you could target Mahrez and Vardy other certain key players to mark out the game now the opposition has 11 problems to deal with plus players on the bench we have come a long way, every player is quality

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