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LCFC 3-1 Man Utd - Post-Match Thread

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4 hours ago, Jakemoore said:

Our midfield is up there with the best in Europe right now. Man U have Bruno Fernandez but that’s it. The rest of their midfield wouldn’t get in to our side. How crazy is that? 

Maybe the crazy Thing is Foxestalkforum..underrating alot of things in this squads positive Development & B.Rodgers use of the squad available...

I am glad most on here Stay balanced & humble, But also there is an high Minority that Really go OTT on the negatives...

Making outragous statements in every Single mistake, or cant see Rodgers trials & Need to Build & developed the Team & the squads different ways of playing...

Ie..Its the First Time in These last weeks we have had Fofana,Evans & Sohn available.....and Rodgers Surprised many by uitilising all 3, instead of a Choice of

2 from 3... Ricardo ( before his latest injury)...as WBack, also  tried over the latter weeks Castagna also either as FB or WB....

Then even with injury returnees..still kept Mendy,Amartey, Thomas & Choudhury in the reckoning, giving more than Cameo roles....

Didnt go into Defensive mode..  Tried & gave the Vardy & Nacho span Another go...Perez returns, Suspects &  trust him in probably his best position....


None of this is an accident...this is using your collected Coaching skills, developing the squad before you & Learning both its strengths & weakness within

Only 2 seasons...Then Not Moaning But still chase & Build in strengths and Not hide behind Chronic injuries, But use it to Build on...!!

Not One fringe/Cover player over the long period despite odd mistakes ( Not any worse than Established players)

has dropped the high Standard in the  squad-character Off Development of  The Team'...

Is Rodgers & Coaching Span due Respect....Damn right they are...!!!...   What a 2 season growth..!!!

Why in the last few weeks, we have Scored from Set pieces....and seen us showing  not so  many Scarey-bullets/moment defending set pieces..Bit


Importantly in These Rodgers 2 seasons we havent stood still, plus we have seen Pick out periods, where players, & team/squad have been doubted

but they have stood up and shown hell of alot more improvement and game nous than this forum trusted...Bit

Mistakes & errors are Part of the game....Rodgers has stood strong, where some pundits & fans haven t shown foresight of patience or understanding

 of our squad's position in or within its developement....




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6 hours ago, Wasyls Pec Deck said:

Don’t you just despise the print media in this country - using headlines to report who lost, as opposed to who played them off the park and won...



I do agree that we are getting breakfast wrong. 

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2 hours ago, Wymsey said:

With everyone fit and on-form, they'd seriously give the likes of Barcelona and PSG a firm test.


There's no roof to the potential of the squad, barring a couple that need to go - such as Matty James and Wes Morgan.

Really no need for the sideswipe at James & Morgan

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2 minutes ago, PickledRick said:

Haven't posted in forever but wanted to drop in the forum to say congrats to the Leicester supporters - played us off the park yesterday. Just win the damn thing now and stop City !

We are City.

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I know everyone (myself included) is revelling in the victory against a high flying manu but we have to bottle this moment this feeling and use it to drive us forwards in our next game against big headed Pep and his man city. We've talked about belief for a while now and once you've tasted it you can't forget it. This team has it now its running from back to front and all around our club. Everyone is playing for each other even our fallen heroes are cheering on. This is great for Madders, Barnes, ricky and JJ as motivation to come thru their injuries. Why wouldn't they want to be on this bus as it makes history! 

I really hope someone in the media dept at the club is recording video diaries of this year. We should capture these behind the scenes moments for the fans especially during this pandemic. Finally some perspective we haven't achieved anything tangible yet so lets win the cup and clinch that european spot. COYF!!! :chant::D

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A fantastic win.


Too often we've tripped up when it comes to Man Utd and FA Cup Quarter finals (not long since the 20th anniversary of the Wycombe iceberg) but we put that right in some style.


We had them on the back from the get-go and they had no business being level at half time.  It looked as if the old failings were about to return but Tielekmans goal was a thing of beauty. They did threaten in the 5-10 minutes after the subs but once we weathered the storm we took the initiaitive.


We can't match Utd in terms of profile but we've been one of the risers in their decline. I've long believed that we've been better than them since B-Rod's arrival but we have been in awe of them too long.


Granted Man U looked wrecked from the short turnaround but it was one of our most complete displays of the season. To do that without Justin, Barnes and Maddison is some going.


Really there was not one individual display below an 8 out of 10 on the day. Fofana, N'Didi and Iheanacho were outstanding.


Onto what it a winnable semi final. Mind you they might be thinking the same down south.


Bring it on.

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I don't usually do things like this, but I'm enjoying the Manchester United meltdown so much that I popped into one of their forums (Red Cafe) and had a look around. There is even a thread on there speculating whether this was a: "managed exit" - grasping at straws to understand how the great Man Utd could possibly have lost. 


I was tempted to join in and remind them that we were missing four probable starters in: Maddison, Barnes, Ricardo and Justin, but that would have meant creating an account and I really couldn't be arsed. I decided to be the bigger person and leave them to their delusion. 

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7 hours ago, whoareyaaa said:

could Barnes play the Vardy role with Kel something to look at when Vardy retires

I’ve been thinking this too. Vards isn’t right. I think there’s a problem which needs sorting at the end of the season but he’s playing through it (I’m not convinced the operation was “curative”, just enough to help him play).

The next logical step IMHO is for Vardy to be the “impact sub”, or play a handful of games. Barnes is the long-term option, and as Barnes, Madders and now Nacho are scoring there is less reliance on Vardy.

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8 hours ago, Larry_LCFC said:

You have to wonder how United are 2nd in the table. Bruno really has carried them all season. Their defending is awful.

He absolutely carried them, in fact transformed them, for the second half of last season too.

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6 hours ago, Mickyblueeyes said:

I can’t get over what I saw yesterday. And maybe this is linked to me growing up watching us in the early 90’s. I can remember beating United at Old Trafford when Cottee scored. Of course there was our amazing 5-3. And with exception to us beating their second team in the League Cup victory season, we don’t have too many great victories against them. 

We’ve got points against them before. The season under Little and McGhee we went to Old Trafford and backs against the wall grounded out a result. We nearly beat them 2-0 on the first game of the season once but they came back and Beckham scored a screamer of a free kick to tie it up. We also had the 2-2 this season, the 2-2 under Puel when Maguire equalised in the last minute and then 1-1 draws in the title winning year. 

This, however, was different. We bossed it. Even when they brought on Fernandes, we ran the midfield. Re-watching the match is amazing to see. It’s like we went toe to toe with arguably the biggest football club in the land and not just matched them, we ran them. Sometimes you have to sit back and remember where we came from. All those disappointments. This is a special team and I hope they add a few trophies before they move on. Starting with the FA Cup this year.

In about the 98th minute of 5 added on :mad:

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22 hours ago, turlo said:

the tears are flowing

slabhead 2.png

I’ve no real issue and was not surprised with Maguire leaving us as he perceived he had a better chance of CL and domestic silverware with Man Utd. That was his choice and we certainly screwed them over the fee.

What does surprise me is that his football has clearly gone backwards big time since he left our coaching staff for Man Utd’s. He doesn’t play to his strengths anymore, he looks slower, less fit, makes too many poor decisions / mistakes and doesn’t seem to be enjoying his football. I know they had an unbelievable away run but to me he has not really developed as a player. Man Utd supporters haven’t really taken to him either because he doesn’t compare to some of their great centre backs from SAF’s time.


IMO, our current three centre backs are well ahead of him in terms of playing his position and that must be down to BR training ethos and ability. 

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1 hour ago, StevieLynex said:

Maguire with him obligatory outstretched arm, pretending to be organising the defence



Maguire: Right fellas, i'll give Fred a hospital pass and their man Nacho will pop the goal in over there.

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20 hours ago, UpTheLeagueFox said:

It's not a back 5 though is it.

It's not like a Grayson-Coatsworth-Carey-Willis-Gibson backs to the wall back 5.


People need to be less fixated with the positional numbers (532,352,3412,442 etc) and focus on how the selected players fulfil their actual roles.

Gary Coatsworth. Was it against Barnsley that he scored that wonder goal from outside the box? Or did I dream it?

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