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Leicester or England   

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  1. 1. Who you rather win a trophy

    • Leicester
    • England

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Landslide incoming.


I love a tournament but international football certainly the pointless friendlies and the needless three games that they've decided to up it to during a pandemic (Not sure there were 3 games before pandemic were there? So why it's been up to 3 now is beyond me) as opposed to the usual two games we used to have are just an inconvience.


Its the same old argument, I understand games have to be played for qualification, friendlies to 'test things out' but they are an inconvience, simple as that.


As i've touched on above how international football, rugby or any other sport for that matter (Out of club bubbles) is being allowed I don't understand either. Needless.


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8 minutes ago, Fox92 said:

Easy answer for me. Leicester.


I love International Competitions, especially the World Cup, but I have no interest in England games against the likes of San Marino or some semi side who we should beat about 7-0.


Harry Redknapp summed it up for me on that BT clip. 

Edit: here it is.



Harry doesn't care if he upsets BT's big wigs. I like it! 

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5 minutes ago, AKCJ said:

England, until they've won one.

Suppose depends on your age. Watched the1966 final, but have completley lost interest now in international since the turn og the century


Hopefully we beat Man City in the FA cup final in revenge for 1969

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Like the world cup and euros because everyone just goes out on a piss up and you're all on the same side for a bit which is good when they're doing well. Would still rather Leicester to win something always though, no question.

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I suppose depends if England have any representation from Leicester.


But I'll support my club till the very end and surely success with Leicester and English stars in our team can only be good for the national team.

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Used to love watching and cheering on England but like many others I'm a bit fed up of the same old same old. The same players getting picked regardless of form. Lingard just about sums it up. Yes he has done really well at West Ham but that's only a handful of games and bang he is back in the England camp. Part of me is glad for Leicester that our players can rest but you have to feel for them too when they blatantly deserve a call up and it doesn't happen. 

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It's funny seeing the response to this thread. I think a lot of people's answers may have been different over a decade ago when we weren't very good, especially as Leicester are generally well represented among England's travelling support. For me I've always been more interested in Leicester than England. 

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