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LCFC vs Man City - Match Thread - 03/04/2021 (Sky Sports)

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18 minutes ago, Col city fan said:

Restricted them to fook all!

Theyve had a disallowed goal, hit the bar and have been peppering our goal for the last ten mins! 😆

1 shot on target (when I posted) = **** all. 

Could hit the bar/post 100 times and none are goals. 

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1 minute ago, Line-X said:

From your armchair perhaps. 

Yes, he’s a left back. In fairness, you’d expect him to shoot. 

He’s taken it very well. 

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With Barnes and Madders fit this is a different game. Pérez has been poor and I would go as far as saying maybe even costing us the points. His passing and decision making has been poor 

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