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West Ham vs LCFC - Sunday 11th April - Sky Sports

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Just now, FoxOnWheels said:

Don’t think we have it in us to pull this back

Yes but not on the first 45

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We were doing ok considering our planning for this game would have included Maddison and Perez.

They've been cvnts so a last minute plan B was needed and now we are suffering


Well, they'll sit back and hit us on the break again in the second half.


Pretty pi$$ed off.




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3 minutes ago, StanSP said:

One seasons worth lol lol


Don't act like it's something we do every season or near that. 


Also, what about the FA Cup? Is that over as well? Cos I thought that was part of this season too. 


There's still 7 games to go :dunno:


One season is enough, so many clubs have dwindled because of one season, we are there same.


You can watch the second half today and you will see what we are about.

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