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West Ham vs LCFC - Sunday 11th April - Sky Sports

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How bad is this going to get? There’s absolutely nothing there today. 

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We're really missing Maddison, Perez and Barnes. Vardy is off his best, there's no getting around that. You could see it in one of the few times he ran at their defense, tries to slide it past a defender but the touch is way too hard and he hadn't the pace to get around.


We keep over committing and walking into WH's only strategy which is just criminal imo. On the ball and as a team we look better but it doesn't mean anything if you keep leaving the back door open. Fafana needs to stop pushing so far up the pitch, even Armarty was playing on the edge of WH box (nice pass though!). I wonder if BR has asked them to do that on purpose to make up for Mads and Perez. 


If what is being said about Mads, Perez and Hamza is true I hope players like Vardy, Evans, Kasper really lay into them. It shows a huge problem with their mentality and priorities that HAS to be addressed. 

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7 minutes ago, Adster said:

I know you're angry but use your brain. Maddison not playing is not the reason we are losing right now. 

Ahh yes, lets just forgive him shall we!!!?..

No, we're not losing today because he's not playing, that's rubbish.

So what will happen to these 3 morons?..a weeks wages fine?!!

This was a massive game, season defining!.. and they have an illegal party 🤬!!

Personally I'd like to see them all listed and never wear a LCFC shirt again.

What they've done is unforgivable.

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