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West Ham vs LCFC - Sunday 11th April - Sky Sports

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Just now, Cujek said:

We are so shit, where has the fight and intensity gone? Where is the belief? Where is our backbone?


Cocos party or not, Brendan should be taking the blame here, he set us up like this.

We only have 2 attacking players fit and who give a sh*t, we don’t have many options in terms of the system. 

Similarly, being let down by your teammates before a key game isn’t exactly ideal preparation for those who actually bothered to turn out. 

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This is shades of Bournemouth last season. If we bottle top 4 again after being there all season then Rodgers has some serious questions to answer. 

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2 minutes ago, lozzyblue fox said:

What has happened to this team since the fa cup.

biggest load of s**t

We played man city and lost like most teams do. Today has been poor but let's not get dramatic like we we've lost ten in a row. 

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