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West Ham vs LCFC - Sunday 11th April - Sky Sports

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2 minutes ago, Flappit said:

There is an awful lot of pant and bed wetting going on in here. Some of you need to get a bit of a grip. 


It's pretty clear that the partygate incident and likely fallings out over it has affected the team. They're playing well off the pace and it's just not happening for us at the moment. We're still in third and can still make something of this season. 

Very good.  How does that impact the manager's decision to completely shit in the wet bed with his tactics?

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At least we finally have a second legitimate striker in Iheanacho now. 


Must also say that Masuaku is twice the player of anything we have at left back currently.

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8 minutes ago, Buggsteam said:

Should have brought the kids on and give them a run out. 
we’re not going to win this or even get a draw, let alone a goal. 
least they might have shown some urgency to play and get the ball up the pitch. 

Well we got One goal...Now we Need just 2 penalties...

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