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FA CUP semi match thread

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1 minute ago, Hammo said:

Savage says the same things about us every game.


And can Ferdinand please stop telling us all to “listen”?


listen...he can say what he wants



don't ever go to australia and watch sports interviews on tv if you can't handle that..they love a listen at the beginning of a sentence

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They can't stop themselves about the lockdown thing. 


Rio is right. What's done is done. Matter is dealt with. As if Rodgers was asked how this being a test event affected what they did lol


The two aren't linked ffs lol


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Just now, Col city fan said:

I’ve just checked my pants and even I’ve got a little skid mark in there 

Either I’m nervous or I don’t wipe my bottom as well as i should?

You decide!


Ive just checked mine, looks like an oil slick.

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Benali is fit as a flea at 52. He does ironmans for fun and runs thousands of miles for charity. Top bloke by all accounts and speaks well as a pundit. 

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1 minute ago, st albans fox said:

Can’t complain !



Nice one! Cheer for us all dude! If possible, when we win can you hold up a banner saying ‘big up the FT crew’. Thanks. 

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