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Just now, st albans fox said:

How about pretty much nothing ........


they haven’t done anything but bring the game into disrepute - what do you think CAS would judge is a reasonable sanction for that ???  Bed with no supper ?

I think this is right, I doubt there will be any major sanction against the rebels,


But fans of those clubs should hold them to account. Chelsea and Man City might get away with is as they've folded first, but the others - it's down to the supporters to force the owners out (if that is possible)


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1 minute ago, Jakemoore said:

Sadly I think you’re right. I am London based and my fickle Chelsea mates have already said they’re ‘proud’ of the club for pulling out. It’s an absolute disgrace, and they should not get away with out any punishments. 

That's like being proud that your mate nearly strangled a child but then decided to release the deathgrip in the final moments






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Guest bss9401

This could be a watershed. The superleaguers will come out swinging at the hypocrisy of FIFA, UEFA, Sky, BT etc etc.

It will hopefully mean massive enquiries at so many levels.

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Just now, Lambert09 said:

Theres a rumour going around that clubs only started pulling out after the ESL was being sued by the chinese super league for naming rights

Surely fake. Theres already Turkish super league and a super league in both codes of rugby. 

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4 minutes ago, Kitchandro said:

Exactly why we need to dump it all and start again regardless. UEFA are just as corrupt, they just hold the power so they can be less drastic, but they'll still appease anyone with money and power.

If we finish 4th will be quality in the new format, pardon my thickness but I’m confused 

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If the bosses of the super-league clubs, are forced /requests / volountary  Step down....

Where do they find replacements who step in financially to Take ownership...Where does the 100 of millions come from...

Maybe that in itself would be Punishment enough....


A new approach would then have to be taken...!!i



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