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There is a decent amount of us Leicester fans in the GTA.  By decent i mean my brothers, dad, some cousins and some randoms. Lol.


I recognized your friend Kevin was driving around Mississauga by eglinton and winston churchill it looked like. Lol. Know the area very well as I'm out in Milton. @CanadianFan is 30 minutes down the 401. 


@spacemunky is a county fan but really  a city fan in disguise.


@OntarioFox is a bell of the highest order but a big fan....ok maybe i am lying about the big fan part:ph34r:.



Nice car btw!




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We should all get together sometime when this COVID thing is behind us and watch a game. There are four of us here in Cambridge who watch the games on the projector in my basement. However, we’ll be happy to deive somewhere in my car.






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