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2 hours ago, Shane said:

Rome wasn’t built in a day! It’s easy to forget we’re still in the early phases of our development. 

If we sign Gosens, Soumare & Edouard without selling any key players, then we’ve had a great window. Anything else is a bonus.

...I would take Edouard, Soumare and a left footed Right Winger!!!

Anyone else we can afford to bring in will be a bonus, with the the loanees potentially coming back for the start of next season and our injured players coming back to their best I feel we are well covered.

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9 hours ago, Foxy_Bear said:

Or did I just imagine you saying that our last two seasons have been "ruined" by Rodgers playing 5 at the back?!

Thinking I should reinstate it now.

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4 minutes ago, Mark said:

Thinking I should reinstate it now.

Like I said earlier  any formation only succeeds with the right players in the correct positions. Tonight does NOT fall under that category. It definately feels like he's shoehorned players into this system tonight. 

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On 07/05/2021 at 20:49, Mark said:

Thinking I should reinstate it now.

Friday night was a master class in everything that can go wrong with 5 at the back.


It forces us to play a high line as the wing backs have to go forward and one cb usually plays advanced as well.


That causes us to have loads of possession and not create anything but then the opposition get through our "defence" on the half way line and score with almost every attack.


Our high line pushes the rest of the team further up till there's 21 players in the opponents half, and no space for anyone and none behind their defence.


With 5 at the back our defence don't know when to attack or defend and we look far more likely to concede.


Lets have 4 defenders who know they are there to defend and lets have our attacking players attack.

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