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Why are we pissing about at the back, trying to draw Newcastle out - when credit to them they don’t need drawing out, they’re playing quite open?


Only for us to continually make mistake, gift them possession and they attack us?


“PlAyInG oUt FrOm ThE bAcK”, “PoSsEsIoN bAsEd FoOtBalL”...Piss off! Disgusting, pointless style.




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Just now, FoxesWalk said:

Just get to half time then shake it up, need a huge second half. Would be tempted to bring Soyuncu off, but Fuchs and Dan aren’t exactly stellar options. Maddison has been a passenger also.

He wont change it at half time. He’s too scared incase we concede again.

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If only we could inject this team of player employees with a real sense of our, the proper Leicester fans, passion and urgency! We’d be playing their hearts out!

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lazy passes from Ndidi and co are likely to get us even more punished if we’re not careful Brendan needs to change formation or squad before we’re punished again !!

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2 minutes ago, TonyN11 said:

Only 1-0

Chill out everyone



We're just all so fed up of it. 


I know there's a few people that take it way too far, the folk that act like we're some pub team that lose every game and have all the optimism of a suicidal Eeyore. 


But the majority are just reasonable fans responding to what's been a really shit run of games. We should have smashed this sequence after battering WBA comfortably and now we're a goal down for like the third game in a row having put in some absolutely terrible performances and looking like we're bottling it again. 


This is abject and hopeless. We can barely get a kick of the ball against one of the worst teams in the league by a distance. There's no confidence, no calm, we look like a panicking bunch of bottle merchants and it's frustrating to go the entire season in the top four to look like bottling it in exactly the same fashion for the second successive season. 


This feels eerily like Bournemouth last season, that moment where the hope and confidence all just ebbs away for good. You can see if in the fans, you can see it in the players and it feels horrible. 


I'd love to feel relaxed, calm and confident right now but honestly I don't think I could understand anyone that is right now. 

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