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Worst bit about it is I had feint hope at half time we might get something here. 

My old man told me when I was a lad, prepare yourself, they love to build you up then knock you right back down. He weren’t ****ing wrong was he. 

I genuinely thought we could do unimaginable things this season after we beat United in the semi final, couldn’t have been more wrong. Finishing with a whimper yet again. 

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7 minutes ago, Dames said:

2 wing backs and 3cbs. Whilst the wing backs dont stay back as much they still tuck in to make a 5 when defending.

When, at any point in this match, have the wingbacks been defending?

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5 minutes ago, Kingleicester said:

This is a big game for us u idiot 

That is true but I they might have playing in a cup final at Wembley in the back of their mind.


Not doing themselves much good for it though in terms of selection!

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1 minute ago, Finnegan said:


**** off. 


This is nothing to do with fitness, squad size, injuries. 


This is 100% lack of mental strength. We're crumpling in an identical fashion for a second consecutive season. 


We lack heart, maturity and confidence. 


The biggest difference between us and clubs like United, Chelsea and Co is that their players have an arrogance about them. They believe in themselves faultless, United players think they're the dogs bollocks because they play for United. They have a swagger about them. 


We act like we're small fry. We went out of Europe to a shit two cent Czech outfit not because we were complacent but the opposite, we did them the credit of actually treating them like equals. 


We have never, ever gotten the self belief that we actually belong where we are to the extent that we can just dispatch our inferiors with the contempt they deserve. 


We've been scared of Newcastle tonight since the 8th minute. 


We have a small time mentality amongst our fan base. Results like tonight  are excused because either we have smaller squads or we played Hereford 13 years ago or some other garbage excuse. 

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