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Leicester drama- the complete list

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May have already been mentioned but Danny Simpson , his ex, an ankle tag, night time curfew and our Premier League Parade . 

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On 10/05/2021 at 17:09, rico said:

This was the sight facing fans arriving for Leicester City's English Premier League match against Everton on Boxing Day.

This, but the camera zooming in on someone wearing one in the directors box, only for the mask to be lifted up and Jamie Vardy to be underneath lol

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14 hours ago, Wymsey said:


That hurts, so much. I loathed Holloway with a vengeance, but I did think he'd keep us up. I watched the match itself on a dodgy stream, and was almost in tears at the end. Afterwards I went to my local bar, where the guy serving was a Florist fan offering sympathy I really didn't want. How was I to know that it wasn't so much the end of an era as much as the start of something very special.

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Anyone remember that time we won the cup after Chelsea had that goal disallowed by VAR in the 88th minute. :D

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I had so much fun reading through this last night.


Born into an Arsenal-supporting community with Manchester United-supporting family. Chose Leicester. Have sometimes regretted that decision. But my word, it has never been dull!!!

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