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Leicestershire County Cricket Club

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1 minute ago, UpTheLeagueFox said:

It's heartbreaking to lose in that way mate but we've given one of the big boys a big scare so let's not go hard on the players.

Yeah I'm just angry and frustrated mate. Klein will be up all night thinking about that.

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Feel so gutted. It was nearly in the bag!


For a club of our size without any marquee player, we've got a lot to be proud of.


As for the ECB, hang your heads in shame. How can there be no Super Over for a knockout game. Doesn't do domestic cricket here any favours when every other T20 competition in the world can get it right

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1 minute ago, Lako42 said:

So what's the reasoning behind no super over? 


What a pathetic way to win the game. 

Does not make sense but would have been agreed before the start but lets not forget we had a leg bye chalked off and a LBW given and you could see all 3 stumps ffs how the hell that was given is shocking

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1 minute ago, Mark 'expert' Lawrenson said:

So very disappointing, the Lilley misfield

was huge as was his 1 over, he had a poor game.

We deserved to win that, umpires were 💩 proud of the team though 


Umpires did exactly what the ECB wanted them to. 

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