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How Was Your Day?

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16 minutes ago, Col city fan said:

Was having a play fight this evening with Mrs Col cos she kept on calling me 'a cvnt'


I was lying on top of her when she laffed her head off and the dirty cow did a loud, resounding fart all over me!

I guess that's love for you...



You was turned on, admit it.

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On 17/02/2018 at 16:20, Merging Cultures said:

My daughter just sang "check a trade, check a trade dot com". Clearly I listen to Talksport in the car too much!! lol

Pretty much my youngest ones first words...


...must be the catchy tune. 


Could be worse, I listen to some quite sweary music in the car :D


On the plus side, my 10 year old made me extraordinarily happy when he managed to sing along to Velociraptor word for word on the long trip back from a game recently!! 

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Was in a shower room with a very fit nurse yesterday. Steady, lads! It was on an oncology day ward, and she was showing me how to take swabs from my, er, nether regions. So, not as much fun as you'd imagine. Definitely not for her, but perhaps for me there was that two seconds....


Honestly, if ye have as much a slight inkling that you might have cancer, go and see your GP. I stupidly waited around 9 months, and instead of potentially getting it nipped in the bud, my treatment has been for two and a half years now. You find that living does tend to be quite a good idea. There's really only one priority, and that's winning the FA Cup, obviously.

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