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DnB only Thread

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Drum & Bass / Jungle mix I've put together recently. Some proper tunes in here.


3 Way - Sub Zero
Ram Trilogy - Milky Way
Bad Company - Hornet 
Shy FX - Wolf
Krust - Angles
Calibre - Fire & Water
Roni Size - Snapshop
Bad Company - Nitrous (Dillinja Remix) 
>> Dillinja - Grimey
DJ Rap - Rumble (Special K Remix)
Dillinja - Grimey
>> Die & Clipz (ft. Ben Westbeech) - Number One
DJ Die - Play It For Me
Firefox & Survivor - Who Is It
>> Tribe Of Issachar (ft. Peter Bouncer) - Junglist (can't remember which mix...)
G Dub - Tink Ya Bad

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Didn’t know there was a dnb thread 

been raving since back in the days.

the era of 1997-2008 I would say where the glory’s years. If any 1 has Listened to  Stevie hyper d you know 20 years ago was it’s prime. Hyper d was light years ahead. Shame he died. 

best rave I ever went to was the last 1 at the sanctuary Milton Keynes. slammin vinyle. 
have great memories of been at se1 London and others like the rex in Stratford. Hastings pier was also a great night. 


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