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2 hours ago, fox766 said:


I have a feeling the Secret Service might now be looking into your internet account.:ph34r:

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17 hours ago, Wolfox said:

Not sure why I found this as amusing as I did…


lol I've not seen that for years and years, and don't worry, you're not the only one. I was almost in tears. It got me way more than it probably should have!

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11 hours ago, Izzy said:


I heard something similar on BBC news this morning to this article: 


"Sum raised by public 'cannot be spent on Brexit bongs'

It is the battle for Big Ben to bong on Brexit night. But the campaign has descended into farce after it emerged a six-figure sum donated by Brexiteers cannot be used to fund the chiming of Parliament's Great Bell. After Boris Johnson called on the public to "bung a bob" for Big Ben to sound the moment Britain left the EU, more than £150,000 was raised on the Go Fund Me site by Friday morning. But the House of Commons Commission, chaired by the Speaker, has ruled that the money could not be used because of parliamentary regulations on financial donations."





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21 minutes ago, StanSP said:

Reminds me of Mahrez vs Villa lol



Not far off eh, just needs the synchronized tackle by all of them.


Love how Matic is paying no attention and is just sprinting straight past them all. God loves a trier lol 

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